C Notch Silverado Suspension Upgrade

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C Notch Silverado Suspension Upgrade GuideMechanic.Com Adding a c notch to your Silverado will increase the overall travel of your suspension without changing the factory alignment.

StreetRays C-Notches are designed to match the contours of your GM 1500 frame rails for a clean, straight install. They come with complete hardware kits and short bump stops. StreetRays C-Notches also include a lifetime warranty. For more information, visit streetrays.com.

C Notch Silverado Suspension Upgrade

c-notch kits allow for a diy friendly installation

When it comes to suspension upgrades, c-notch kits are the best way to lower your truck. Using a kit means that you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional mechanic.

A C-notch allows you to increase overall rear suspension travel by lowering the front and rear of the truck by as much as seven inches.

The belltech c-notch is made of heavy duty stamped steel, features a powder coat finish, and uses grade 8 fasteners. Moreover, the rear flip kit will relocate the axle from under the leaf spring pack to closer to the truck frame. The result is that you will lower the rear of your truck by seven inches.

The C-notch kit includes enough plates to notch one frame. The kit includes an outside plate, top plate, and bottom plate. It also has two rectangular plates.

When installed correctly, the kit will provide maximum ride height adjustment and a consistent ride height. The kit will drastically improve handling and increase clearance. The kit can also be purchased in a complete kit that allows for the most clearance.

StreetRays C-Notches are designed to increase overall suspension travel

StreetRays C-Notches are a bolt-in design that increases overall suspension travel and frame strength on lowered vehicles.

Unlike other designs, C-Notches feature reinforcements in multiple planes to increase overall suspension travel while maintaining frame strength.

Each C-Notch kit includes Grade 8 hardware, a template and instructions for installation. The installation process can take up to an hour.

The notches are made from 3/16” mild steel and are welded to the truck frame. The rear bumper extensions retain the original leaf springs and hardware, but the suspension travel is reduced.

They are also designed to lower the truck quickly and understatedly. Although they may appear to be the cheapest option, they do not increase overall suspension travel on the Silverado.

Street Edge C-Notch Kits are bullet-proof over-engineered frame modification systems

These over-engineered frame modification systems are designed to fit tight, sloping Silverado frames. The kit includes upper StrongArms and lower StrongArms, which feature corrected ball joint angles and length adjustments for camber adjustment.

Lower StrongArms have double sheer liners and lowered shock mounts to increase suspension travel and camber adjustment.

The front MuscleBar sway bar is adjustable and includes Delrin liners, while Ridetech drop spindles enhance suspension geometry.

The kit includes rear coil spring retainer and front and rear sway bar mounts. The frame retains most stock body mounts.

In addition to these, the C-Notch Kit includes front and rear shock relocation kits and a lowering block kit. The c-notch kit also adds rear coil spring retainer kits.

The ’52 conversion kit is the easiest way to transform a basic driver into a classic street rod. It replaces the factory hood with a fiberglass hood and front nose.

The fiberglass hood uses the same hinges and latch as stock. The kit also includes Frenched headlights and a frame rail connector.


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