How to Install a Chevy Silverado Shift Cable Clip

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How to Install a Chevy Silverado Shift Cable Clip GuideMechanic.Com If your chevy silverado shift cable has become loose, this article will show you how to remove and replace the grommet piece.

The steps will also help you secure the shift cable to the console. Follow these steps and your new shift cable will be secure! You can even reuse the old one if it is still attached well. If the grommet piece is worn or damaged, simply use a screwdriver or pry bar to unscrew it.

Chevy Silverado Shift Cable Clip

How to secure

To replace the shift cable clip on your Chevrolet Silverado, you must first remove the old one from the shift lever. If the old pin was pressed into the lever when it was new, you can use a small grinder to remove the remaining material.

You should grind the old pin out until it forms a circle flush with the shift lever. Remove the old pin and discard it, but remember that the new replacement pin must touch the area where the old pin was ground off.

The shift cable is attached to the shift lever through a round hole. On some vehicles, the shift cable ends come off the ball stud on the shift lever.

Usually, you need to remove the ball stud retainer, which is usually accessed with a screwdriver or pry bar. Then, you need to make sure that the cable is secured by securing the “U” shaped metal clip behind the plastic retainers.

Once you have removed the shift cable, you can install a new one by pressing the ends together. The shift cable ends must be in the correct position.

You should be able to feel the cable swivel in the shift lever. Pull it down to drive. Now, push the white plastic swivel off the linkage by pressing down on it.

You will need to squeeze the plastic finger locks on the cable. Do not panic if the plastic breaks. To secure the cable, first remove the rubber boot.

You can purchase the bushing for the transmission shift cable from a reputable online auto parts store, such as O’Reilly Auto Parts.

The kit contains the tools and instructions to secure the shift cable clip. The repair is easy and fast, and it will take you less than 10 minutes to repair it.

And remember that if you do decide to install the new bushing yourself, you should read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

How to remove old grommet pieces from a chevy silverado shift cable clip

If you’re trying to install a new shift cable clip in your Chevrolet Silverado, you may be wondering how to do so. You can do this by following these simple steps.

First, remove the old cable by unfastening it from the body. Then, remove the black rubber grommet circle that covers the cable’s mounting bracket.

The shift lever is usually held in place by a factory pin that is pressed into the end of the cable. You can use a small grinder to remove a small portion of this material, making sure the new pin goes into the hole.

Once the old pin is removed, grind down the remaining material until the hole is flush with the lever. Be careful not to grind down the material too much, or it will corrode the shift lever and void the warranty. If the old pin is broken, use a heavy-duty nail and hammer to remove it.

The end fitting on the shift cable is attached to a bracket on the steering column. Depress the two tangs on the shift cable end fitting and push them axially towards the base of the column.

To remove the shift cable clip, you need to remove the blue spring and the white plastic finger lock. Next, you can disengage the nut on the other end of the cable.

The process of replacing a shift cable typically takes about an hour to one-half. However, if the cable has already broken, it is not possible to repair it, as it will need to be replaced again.

The correct length is important for proper operation, so repair attempts may not preserve the cable length. To prevent this from happening, you can replace the entire shift cable with new parts.

The problem may be due to a failed ground wire, which originates in the frame under the driver’s door. The connection of the ground wire is often affected by dirt, moisture, and corrosion.

The faulty ground wire can be easily removed with a wire brush. Reinstalling it will take a few minutes. Afterward, reinstall the new sensor.

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How to replace a chevy silverado shift cable clip

Before you begin the process of replacing the shift cable, you must make sure that the vehicle is level. To begin, identify the long cable that runs down the floor and connects to the shifter.

Pull the key down to the drive position and squeeze the plastic finger locks to release them. The shift cable clip is located on the floor panel reinforcement. It is important to remove it with care, because the plastic may break.

Next, find the white cable clip on the shift lever. It will adjust the column indicator and back adjust the shift cable. Make sure the white clip is touching the area that was ground off.

Repeat this process until the cable is secure. Once you have the shift cable clip out, you can put the cable back on the lever. Remember, you should tighten the e-clip with a wrench to prevent it from slipping.

The shift lever is held in place by a 10mm head bolt on import models, and by a 15mm nut on GM vehicles. Remove the shift lever, making sure that the pin is in the correct position before installing it back into the shift lever.

If you need to tighten it, take pictures to guide your installation. If you do not have the proper tools, purchase them from a dealer.


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