Custom 07-13 Silverado Headlights

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Custom 07-13 Silverado Headlights GuideMechanic.Com There are many different types of Chevy Silverado headlights for sale.

While each style offers its own unique features, they must match the pickup truck’s model and year. These headlights will fit perfectly and will be easy to install, thanks to a snap connector.

To get the best look, install custom headlights from a reliable dealer. After all, no one wants to end up with a truck that doesn’t look right.

Custom 07-13 Silverado Headlights

Morimoto’s XB LED fog lights

The XB LED fog lights from Morimoto are well-built, incredibly powerful, and have an incredible warranty. They’re made of durable polycarbonate lenses and feature die-cast aluminum housing, which is significantly lighter than similar plastic options.

This combination protects the LED chips from heat and moisture. They also come with all necessary connectors, rubber seals, and pigtails. The XB fogs install easily and have no problem replacing GM part numbers.

These XB LED fog lights can be added to your Silverado 2007-13 for a dramatic change in appearance. While they’re not required by law, you might want to consider buying a pair to add a bold look to your truck. In addition, you can also add XB LED tags to your vehicle if you’re considering fog lights.

Morimoto’s 264H1HID projector headlights

The Morimoto XB LED fog lights were the first in the industry and have proven themselves to be perfect after five years. While this headlight is new to the market, it uses the same design and materials as the original.

Unlike the competitors, these headlights plug into the factory connectors. Because they’re LED, they won’t produce error codes, hyper-flashing or radio interference. They also do not void the factory warranty, which is a definite plus!

This headlight kit features a bi-LED projector with smoked/black lenses. It also features full-LED DRLs. The unit installs easily and has a five-year warranty.

The H1 bulbs are highly durable and do not require any maintenance. The LEDs produce approximately 80% more light than the standard halogen bulbs.

Custom 07-13 Silverado Headlights

RECON projector headlights

RECON Projector Headlights are a set of replacement headlights for your Chevy Silverado. These headlights are available for 2007-13 Silverado models and use H1 style headlight bulbs in the Low-Beam and High-Beam positions.

For best results, replace your headlight bulbs with the same size and brand. Then, check out the RECON website to see the various headlight options available.

If you are looking to make a drastic difference in the look of your truck, consider changing the headlights. Not only will they improve the way your truck looks, but they will also provide more light on the road.

That’s a big plus! Adding more light will make driving safer, as well as protecting you and your passengers. Almost all projector headlights come with additional lighting, such as fog lights and turn signals. However, some may require additional wiring, so make sure you check before you purchase.

In addition to projector headlights, RECON also offers LED taillights, bumper lights, side fender emblems, and more.

Their wide array of LED accessories for pickup trucks and full-size trucks will give your truck an aggressive look and will make everyone on the road take notice. RECON truck accessories is the premier aftermarket lighting manufacturer, and specializes in LED technology.


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