How Much Does a Ford Explorer Lift Cost?

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How Much Does a Ford Explorer Lift Cost? GuideMechanic.Com If you’re considering installing a Ford Explorer lift kit, you’ve probably wondered how much they cost.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of lift kits and their prices. Additionally, we’ve listed some of the requirements for installing a suspension lift kit on your vehicle.

To learn more, continue reading. You’ll find everything you need to know about the installation process, as well as the required parts.

How Much Does a Ford Explorer Lift Cost?


If you’re looking to improve the handling and look of your Ford Explorer, a suspension lift kit is the perfect solution. Lift kits come with everything you need to get the job done, from premium shocks to lifted leaf springs.

They can also come with radius arm drop brackets to ensure proper caster, ensuring that your vehicle retains its original driving qualities.

The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit is around $730, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking to increase the comfort and practicality of your vehicle.

Whether or not you want to lift your Ford Explorer depends on the type of kit and the mechanic you choose. The kit itself will cost around 600 dollars, but you’ll need to buy other tools and equipment, such as a jack and a torque wrench.

You can also opt to install the kit yourself, but you should keep in mind that you’ll end up spending more money if you decide to hire a mechanic.

If you want to increase the height of your 2020 Ford Explorer, you should start by upgrading the suspension system. Complete suspension systems are available for the 2020 Explorer, as well as shock absorbers.

The latter is essential for tackling demanding terrain, especially after intense off-roading. New shock absorbers can improve the comfort of the ride and keep you focused on the scenery instead of worrying about a thumping bump or other potential hazards.

There are many different brands and models of suspension lift kits available for the Ford Explorer, so you can choose the right one for your vehicle.

The Rough Country 4″ Suspension Lift Kit is an excellent option, allowing you to maintain the ride quality of the vehicle while maximizing the tire clearance.

The Rough Country EZ-Ride Suspension Lift Kit can be installed easily and affordably, and will increase the clearance of your vehicle for a more rugged appearance.

Types of Suspension Lift Kits

If you are interested in upgrading your Ford Explorer’s handling and comfort, you may want to consider getting a suspension lift kit.

There are two main types of suspension lift kits, one for the front and the other for the rear. Shock absorbers improve ride quality, while coil springs improve traction and handling. Here are some examples of which you might want. The type you choose depends on your vehicle and needs.

The Rough Country 4″ Suspension Lift Kit is an affordable and effective way to raise your Explorer. This lift kit is a cost-effective option that retains the original ride quality while providing ample clearance for off-roading.

The Rough Country 4″ Suspension Lift Kit is an affordable option that will give you a comfortable ride and good tire clearance. If you need a higher-level lift for your Ford Explorer, you can also opt for the full-length sport trac kit.

The Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit costs around $730. It is guaranteed to fit your Ford Explorer perfectly. Its premium shocks, lifted rear leaf springs, and radius arm drop brackets ensure proper caster and handling.

This kit will also help your Ford Explorer’s handling by adding more space for loads and equipment. If you’re interested in getting a suspension lift kit for your Ford Explorer, be sure to ask the sales person for a quote.

For those who are looking to improve the ride quality of their vehicle, Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension offers a body lift kit for your Ford Explorer that provides additional tire clearance and best value.

The kit includes an extended radius arm that allows for better suspension articulation and add-a-leaves that lift the front end of your Explorer. Radius arm drop brackets and axle pivot brackets help to maintain proper alignment.
Price of a suspension lift kit

Buying a suspension lift kit for your Ford Explorer can be a good idea if you want to improve the practicality, clearance, comfort, and load space of your vehicle.

If you are planning to have a lift for your vehicle, there are different types to choose from, including body lift, suspension lift, and leveling kits. The price of a Ford Explorer lift depends on what you want to accomplish with the car.

The cost of a Ford Explorer suspension lift kit will vary depending on the type of kit you buy and the method of installation.

Lifting a vehicle yourself can cost around 600 dollars, but you will also need to buy specialized tools and other parts to make it happen.

A mechanic may be willing to install the lift kit for you if you have the proper tools. However, professional installation will cost you more. It is a good idea to ask about any additional costs before buying a lift kit for your Ford Explorer.

If you are looking to get the most out of your 2020 Ford Explorer, you should look for a good lift kit. You can buy a leveling kit to give your car a slight lift, but this will likely be inadequate if you want to get the best results. For a full lift, you’ll need both a body lift and a suspension kit. Together, these parts will cost approximately $800.

While there are many different lift kits for your Ford Explorer, a simple 4-inch lift will give your car a rugged, beefy look while retaining the factory ride quality.

The Rough Country EZ-Ride Suspension Lift Kit, for instance, is an affordable option that will provide good clearance for your tires.

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can choose the height and brand that best suits your budget and your vehicle needs.

Ford Explorer Lift

Requirements for installing a suspension lift kit

If you are in the market for a suspension lift kit for your Ford Explorer, you’ve probably wondered what you’ll need to install it.

Thankfully, there are a number of requirements you need to meet to ensure the best possible installation experience. Here, we’ll go over those requirements.

Hopefully, this article will answer all of your questions. Listed below are some of the most common components and parts of a Ford Explorer suspension lift kit.

First, you’ll need to remove the stock front end and rear suspension components. In order to do this, you’ll need to remove the rear-end subframe.

You can also remove the front-end suspension components. You’ll also need a toolbox to remove the original components.

You can purchase a kit that includes all of the parts that you need, including the spacers, which will be the most important part of the kit.

Before installing a Ford Explorer suspension lift kit, make sure you follow all manufacturers’ instructions and safety guidelines.

Make sure you have enough time and tools to do this project. A full lift kit includes all of the components, and all fitting accessories.

Having these tools will ensure that the process is safe and successful. Once you’ve decided on the kit, head to a specialist 4×4 retailer to install it.

After you have purchased a lift kit, make sure to check to ensure that the vehicle is two-wheel-drive. While the vehicle is technically capable of 4WD, it doesn’t support the installation.

You’ll need to follow the instructions carefully so you don’t break the fender. If you have any problems, don’t forget to contact your dealer.

If you purchase a lift kit from a dealership, they may not install it properly. In addition, dealers who install lift kits will usually use cheap parts and mark up the price.

Suspension lift kits for the 2020 Ford Explorer

A high-quality suspension lift kit for your 2020 Ford Explorer will increase ground clearance. These kits replace both the front and rear suspension components, including the shocks, and add two inches of lift to your vehicle.

This will give you more ground clearance and help you get more out of your vehicle. These kits also increase the ride quality. If you’re looking for a high-quality suspension lift kit, consider investing in a Truxxx kit.

A lift kit will raise the wheels and tires of your 2020 Ford Explorer, providing added clearance for larger tires. These kits are easy to install and will give your vehicle a lifted look without sacrificing traction.

You’ll be able to drive it further and avoid bumping rocks and potholes by installing these kits. The installation process is simple and takes less than an hour, so you can concentrate on enjoying the scenery.

In order to get the best ride quality, you’ll want to choose a suspension kit that is designed with OEM specs in mind. The Truxxx lift kit uses stock Ford parts to provide a perfect OEM ride, while the Traxda kit uses high-quality mill certified steel for its spacers. The company uses computer laser and plasma cutters to produce the spacers for each kit.

A 2020 Ford Explorer lift kit can increase clearance for aftermarket tires and provide a fresh new look. 4 Wheel Parts carries a wide variety of suspension kits from leading brands.

These high-quality parts are made by the best manufacturers and will give your car a better ride and an improved look.

With low prices, you can get the parts you need for your vehicle and make it your own. Take the leap and upgrade your 2020 Ford Explorer’s suspension today!


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