P0705 Ford F150 – How to Replace & Reset

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P0705 Ford F150 GuideMechanic.Com The P0705 code on a Ford F150 is a generic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) indicating a fault with the transmission range sensor circuit.

This code is associated with the transmission range sensor, which is located in the transmission case. This sensor provides the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) with a signal to determine the position of the gear shifter.

When the PCM detects an issue with the signal from the transmission range sensor, it will set the P0705 code. Repairing this code typically requires the replacement of the transmission range sensor or the wiring associated with it.

Why a P0705 Diagnostic Trouble Code Could be Signaling a Transmission Problem in Your Ford F150

A P0705 Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) may indicate a potential transmission problem in your Ford F150. This code indicates a problem with the transmission range switch, which is responsible for detecting the position of the transmission gear selector. If the transmission range switch is malfunctioning, it may cause the transmission to shift erratically or not engage at all.

To confirm the presence of a P0705 DTC, you should check your F150’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system. This system stores trouble codes that indicate the presence of a mechanical problem. Once you have identified the code, you can consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual or other reliable source to determine the exact cause of the issue.

If a P0705 DTC is present, you may need to have the transmission range switch replaced. In some cases, the switch may have become contaminated with dirt or debris and may need to be cleaned or adjusted. In other cases, the switch may need to be replaced entirely.

If the transmission range switch is not the source of the problem, then you may need to inspect other components of the transmission system.

This could include the transmission fluid, filters, solenoids, and other components. If any of these components are damaged or malfunctioning, they may need to be replaced in order to restore the transmission to proper working order.

If you are experiencing transmission problems in your Ford F150, it is important to have them checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Diagnosing and repairing transmission problems can be a complex process, so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Common Causes of P0705 Error Code

The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0705 is a generic OBD-II code that indicates a malfunction in the transmission range sensor circuit.

This code is specifically associated with the Ford F150, and is most often caused by a faulty transmission range sensor, an open or shorted circuit, or a malfunctioning PCM (Powertrain Control Module).

Other possible causes include an incorrect installation of the transmission range sensor, a faulty transmission range sensor connector, a damaged transmission range sensor wiring harness, or a faulty neutral safety switch.

If this code is present, it is recommended that the transmission range sensor be checked first. This sensor is located on the transmission, and is responsible for relaying the gear position of the vehicle to the PCM, which in turn controls the shifting of the transmission.

If the sensor is found to be faulty, it should be replaced. Additionally, the sensor connector and wiring harness should be inspected for any problems, and the neutral safety switch should be tested for proper operation. Finally, the PCM should be scanned for any stored trouble codes that may be causing the P0705 to be present.

How to Troubleshoot a P0705 Error Code

The P0705 error code is an indication that there is a problem with the transmission range sensor circuit in a Ford F150. This code can be difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot, but the following steps can help you identify and address the issue.

1. Check the electrical connection of the transmission range sensor. Verify that the wiring harness is properly connected to the transmission range sensor and the powertrain control module (PCM). Also, check the wiring for any damage or corrosion that may be causing the issue.

2. Inspect the transmission range sensor. Make sure that the sensor is clean and functioning properly. Look for any signs of wear or corrosion.

3. Test the transmission range sensor. Use a multimeter to test the sensor. If the readings are not within the manufacturer’s specifications, the sensor may need to be replaced.

4. Check the PCM. Make sure that the PCM is functioning properly. If the PCM is malfunctioning, it may be causing the P0705 error code.

5. Replace the transmission range sensor. If all the above steps do not resolve the issue, the transmission range sensor may need to be replaced.

Follow the steps outlined above to troubleshoot a P0705 error code on a Ford F150. If the issue persists, contact a qualified technician for further assistance.

What are the Symptoms of a P0705 Error Code on a Ford F150?

The P0705 error code on a Ford F150 indicates an issue with the Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) circuit. Common symptoms associated with this error code include difficulty shifting gears, transmission slipping, the transmission not shifting properly, and the transmission engaging harshly. The Check Engine Light may also be illuminated.

To diagnose the issue, a mechanic should first check the wiring and connectors for any problems. They will also have to test the transmission range sensor with a scan tool to see if it is providing the correct readings. If the wiring and connectors are good and the sensor is functioning properly, the transmission control module may need to be replaced.

How to Replace a Faulty Neutral Safety Switch Causing a P0705 Error on a Ford F150

Replacing a faulty neutral safety switch on a Ford F150 is a relatively straightforward repair that can be done by most vehicle owners.

Before beginning, it is important to ensure the issue is actually a faulty neutral safety switch and not a different problem, as the symptoms of a neutral safety switch failure can be similar to those of other issues.

If the code P0705 is present, the first step is to check the wiring and connectors leading to the switch. If they are all in good condition, the switch needs to be replaced.

To do this, the driver must first locate the switch. On the Ford F150, the switch is located in the transmission housing near the shifter. If the switch is not visible, it may be necessary to remove the transmission pan and gasket.

Once the switch is located, the wiring harness must be disconnected from the switch and the switch removed. To ensure the new switch is mounted correctly, use the old switch as a guide. After the new switch is secured in place, reconnect the wiring harness to the switch.

Finally, the transmission pan and gasket must be reinstalled. Once the switch is replaced and the pan reinstalled, the vehicle should be tested to make sure the code P0705 is cleared and the issue is resolved.

How to Reset the P0705 Error Code After Repairs on a Ford F150

If your Ford F150 is displaying a P0705 error code, it may be due to a faulty Transmission Range Sensor (TRS). Resetting the code after repairs to the TRS is a simple process.

First, park the vehicle and turn the engine off. Then, disconnect the battery cables, wait five minutes, and reconnect them. This will reset the vehicle’s computer.

Next, start the engine and drive the vehicle at 25 mph for five minutes, then at 40 mph for five minutes. This will allow the vehicle’s computer to reset the code.

Lastly, turn the engine off and reconnect the Diagnostic Link Connector. Use a diagnostic scan tool to check for the code. If it is still present, repeat the steps above.

Resetting the P0705 error code after repairs to the Ford F150’s TRS is a simple process. Disconnecting the battery cables, driving the vehicle at 25 and 40 mph, and reconnecting the Diagnostic Link Connector will reset the code. If the code is still present after these steps, repeat them until the error code is reset.

How to Avoid Common Mechanical Issues Causing P0705 Error Code on a Ford F150

The P0705 error code on a Ford F150 indicates a mechanical issue with the transmission range sensor. To avoid common mechanical issues causing this code, it is important to maintain your vehicle regularly. Here are some tips:

1. Regularly check the transmission fluid levels. Low fluid levels can cause the transmission range sensor to malfunction, leading to the P0705 error code.

2. Make sure all electrical connections to the transmission range sensor are secure and free of corrosion.

3. Replace the transmission range sensor if it is worn or damaged.

4. Regularly inspect the wiring harness for any signs of damage or corrosion.

5. Ensure all the mounting bolts for the transmission range sensor are tight and secure.

By following the above steps and maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis, you can avoid common mechanical issues causing the P0705 error code on a Ford F150.

What are the Benefits of Regularly Checking for P0705 Error Codes on a Ford F150?

Checking for P0705 error codes on a Ford F150 regularly can help identify and prevent potential transmission problems. It is important to be proactive in detecting and addressing any issues that may arise in order to keep the vehicle running properly and safely.

Regularly checking for P0705 error codes can help detect issues early, before they become more serious and costly. This can help reduce the chances of a costly breakdown, saving time and money in the long run. Additionally, it can help maintain peak performance and fuel efficiency, as well as protecting the longevity of the vehicle.

By checking for P0705 error codes regularly, it is possible to identify any underlying issues that may be causing the code to appear. If the code is related to an issue with the transmission, the problem can be addressed before it has a chance to cause more serious damage. Additionally, this can help identify any faulty parts that may need to be replaced.

It is important to regularly check for P0705 error codes on a Ford F150 to ensure the vehicle is running safely and efficiently. By doing so, it is possible to identify any underlying issues and address them before they become more serious and costly.


In conclusion, the P0705 code on the Ford F150 can be a very tricky one to fix. It requires a careful diagnosis and some patience to track down the underlying cause.

However, with the right tools, know-how, and effort, the P0705 code can be addressed and the Ford F150 can be returned to running smoothly.


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