Race Star Wheels Silverado

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Race Star Wheels and Components for the Chevrolet Silverado GuideMechanic.Com If you’re looking to customize your ride, consider installing Race Star wheels and components.

These are upgrades from the stock OEM parts and are ideal for improving both performance and appearance. If you’re thinking of getting a set of wheels, you’ll find that there are dozens to choose from, making them the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. If you’re unsure about what style to get, you’ll find them at American Muscle.

Race Star Wheels Silverado

RaceStar 93 Truck Star Wheels

Lightweight, 6-spoke, large-caliper clearing, and an affordable price, the RaceStar 93-795653BC wheel is an excellent choice for your vehicle.

Its accent stripe and 6-spoke star design add to the looks of your truck while maintaining a budget price. This wheel is available in different sizes for different applications, making it a perfect choice for trucks that need to match a variety of trim levels.

These wheels are available for many applications, including a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD equipped with a Rancho Level 2″ Drop Rear suspension and HellaFlush stance.

They feature a lightweight six-spoke star design and a durable alloy construction. The wheels fit both 15-inch and 20-inch rim sizes, and feature a tree show-quality finish.

RaceStar 93 Drag Wheels

If you’re interested in adding some style to your truck, consider installing a set of RaceStar 93 Drag Wheels. These wheels offer many performance features, including large brake clearances and direct drilled bolt patterns.

They also feature tree show-quality finishes and are available in various rim sizes. If you’re looking for a set of drag wheels for your truck but don’t want to spend the money, check out RaceStar’s full line of high-performance rims.

When choosing a set of RaceStar 93 Drag Wheels for Silverados, you’ll want to consider the materials the wheels are made of.

The most durable materials are steel and aluminum. However, they are both susceptible to scrapes and corrosion. Finally, there are alloy wheels, which have the best combination of corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

But these wheels are also the most expensive. So, make sure you choose a set that will stand up to a lot of driving conditions and maintain their good looks for years to come.


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