How to Install a Silverado SS Rear Bumper

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How to Install a Silverado SS Rear Bumper GuideMechanic.Com The Silverado ss rear bumper consists of the bumper itself, the upper step pad, and the brackets that hold it to the vehicle.

While the bumper itself has some scratching, the step pad is brand new. Here are some considerations to consider before making your purchase. – What’s more important: durability or looks? – Will the Silverado SS rear bumper look better with a new grille guard?

Silverado SS Rear Bumper

Lightweight vs heavyweight

When deciding between a heavyweight and a lightweight Silverado SS rear bumper, you must decide whether to add extra protection to your truck or save fuel economy.

A heavyweight bumper offers the best protection, especially in off-roading scenarios and when towing. The lightweight version, on the other hand, is more fuel efficient and provides the same protection in unexpected collisions.

To compare the weight of an aftermarket steel bumper, you must take the stock body weight and subtract it from the aftermarket bumper.

For example, the Baracade HD front bumper adds about 30 pounds, while the SS steel rear bumper is only bare metal.

Adding a bumper cover will require you to remove the stock silverado bumper pads and install the SS bumper pad. You must also drill holes in the edge of the bumper for SS brackets.

The difference between a heavyweight and a lightweight Silverado SS rear bumper is mostly in the departure angle. For off-roading purposes, a heavier rear bumper will offer greater departure angle.

Aftermarket bumper kits come in a variety of colors and styles and are often made with high-quality steel tubes and aluminum.

These bumpers are more durable and offer superior steel tube construction. They also absorb the force of collisions better.

Some bumpers have mounting points for additional accessories such as a rear antenna, auxiliary lights, and even auxiliary lights.

Drawn over metal tubing vs CNC tubing

Aftermarket front and rear bumper kits offer superior steel tube construction and many auxiliary light mounting options.

In addition to improved styling and comfort, aftermarket bumpers offer superior protection and absorb the force of a collision.

Many bumpers are equipped with available mounts for accessories like bull bars and winches. Some even offer aggressive cage and brush grille guards to protect the radiator.

CNC and drawn over metal tubing have distinct advantages. CNC tubing uses computer-controlled milling to make smooth edges, whereas DOM tubing is fabricated by hand.

DOM is less costly than CNC tubing, and the CNC process results in a more reliable product. Depending on your preferences, choose either type. If you’re unsure, look for the one with a thick wall.

Cold-drawn steel tubing has excellent strength-to-weight ratios and is less expensive. It is also easier to cut and offers superior surface finish.

CNC tubing is often used for hydraulic cylinders, rollers, and sleeves. But what’s important is that you get a high quality product that suits your needs. Regardless of your choice, make sure to compare the cost and quality of each method.

Silverado SS Rear Bumper

Adding a grille guard

If you want to improve the looks of your Silverado SS rear bumper, you might be wondering how to install a grille guard. These stainless steel pieces fit neatly and protect your vehicle from road hazards and animals.

This installation is relatively easy and only requires some basic tools. Follow these easy steps to install a grille guard on your truck. Once the grille guard is installed, you need to adjust the mounting brackets for the grille guard.

First, remove the tie hook and radiator shield from the rear bumper. After that, you can install the grille guard using the mounting brackets that come with the unit.

Depending on your model, the brackets will be located in different locations. The mounting brackets for this accessory usually go into the tow hook shrouds. If you are unsure of which bolts to use, check the installation manual to see where they are located.

When deciding on the grille guard to add to your Chevy, make sure it’s made of quality steel. The material is usually durable enough for off-road use.

Grille guards are highly effective at low speeds but are less effective in high-speed crashes. Rally drivers, for example, wear more durable front bumper protection than non-racing owners.

LUVERNE 2″ grille guards are designed for heavy duty use. They protect the grille and front end from impacts, and they are crafted of heavy-duty steel.

The stainless steel backing makes the grille guard rust-resistant and provides a stylish accent on the front end of the truck. The grille guard is made of 2″ diameter carbon steel tubing, and it comes in chrome or black powder coat finishes.

The grille guard can protect the front-end bumper from low-speed impacts and also protect grille details and lights. They can also be used to protect the front-end bumper, which can be damaged by a brush guard or sedentary object. However, it’s important to note that grille guards can also damage the paint job of your truck.

After installing the grille guard, you can now add additional lights. This grille guard can also be fitted with fog lights, driving lights, or off-road lights.

This grille guard gives your truck a rugged look and even offers additional lighting options. However, you should check the size of your vehicle before buying a grille guard.

If you have no idea about the size of the grille guard for your truck, check out the dimensions of your vehicle before you buy one.

The second grille guard for your Silverado SS rear bumper is the LUVERNE 2″ grille guard. It fits over the grille using pre-existing mounting points.

Its uprights and brush guard ring assembly are custom-designed to complement the grille and headlights of your truck. The grille guard comes with mounting tabs for LED lights. Two tabs are included in each kit.


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